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Frist and foremost: My school! Currently enrolled in the Web Design & Interactive Media program.
Art Institute - Schaumburg

Here are some various websites of interest, some of whom I have a personal connection with and have done web and/or graphics work for throughout the years. Adding more regularly.

SOCIAL MEDIA - Find me around the web!

  • on Facebook - but of course. Friends. co-workers, fellow students or anyone who can get me a job are welcome to friend me!
  • at LinkedIN- okay, if you REALLY do have a job prospect for me, some freelance work, etc here is where we can connect professionally
  • Twitter: #dzortea - yup, I twit too.
  • Yelp! - Loving this site, so far. I got a few reviews up there, check em out.

MUSIC - Local Bands & Friends of Mine!

VEGAS - My Favorite Vacation Destination


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